New Facebook Smileys/Emotion Codes for Facebook 2013

Facebook smileys symbol | New Facebook emoticons codes

We all know that almost everyone is now getting addicted to Facebook. Billions of users are now using facebook regularly to share their daily life experiences with each other. Many people use Smileys frequently while chatting and commenting. We exhibit our mood or feeling by making Smileys. There are many existing Smileys that people are using from ages ago. Different Softwares are also available to facebook users for creating emotions and Smileys while chatting or commenting. But they are very irritating due to ads.

Good news is that facebook has now many new Smileys and emotions available for users to use them during facebooking. The facebook users just need to copy the given smiley formulas below. So here’s the list of new Smileys and emotions available to the facebook users.


How to Use Facebook Smileys in Facebook?


1. Copy the below code including [[ ]]

2. Now paste in your Facebook Chat box



123Click To Enlarge


New Awesome Smiley Codes List for Facebook 2013


[[242413929203272]]-Glowing Eyes




[[247547405351620]]-Question Mark


[[307278196031407]]-Stun Face


Others Smileys Code For Facebook


[[f9.laugh]]     [[f9.sad]]         [[f9.angry]]     [[f9.sleepy]]    [[f9.shock]]     [[f9.kiss]]

[[f9.inlove]]     [[]]      [[]]    [[f9.rain]]         [[f9.bomb]]      [[f9.sun]]

[[f9.heart]]     [[f9.cakepiece]]                     [[f9.rosedown]]                      [[f9.shutmouth]]

[[f9.shy]]         [[f9.silly]]         [[f9.tongue1]]                         [[f9.fastfood]]

[[f9.ring]]         [[f9.plate]]       [[f9.candle]]                           [[]]

[[]]          [[f9.adore]]     [[f9.angel]]                             [[f9.baloons]]

[[f9.bowl]]       [[f9.cake]]       [[f9.callme]]                            [[f9.clap]]

[[f9.confused]]                       [[f9.curllip]]                             [[f9.devilface]]

[[f9.lying]]                               [[f9.rofl]]                                  [[f9.billiard]]

[[f9.inlove]]                             [[]]                              [[]]

[[f9.rain]]                                [[f9.bomb]]                              [[f9.sun]]

[[f9.heart]]                              [[f9.heartbreak]]                    [[]]

[[f9.ghost]]                              [[f9.brb]]                                  [[]]


Above are the latest Smileys for facebook users. Users can simply learn the codes or can copy them in their computers for later use.


New Facebook Smileys for Google Chrome:

Google chrome provides with the extension of Smileys. Facebook users just need to add Facemood extension for chrome and they are ready to add smiles in Facebook.


New Facebook Smileys for Firefox:

Just like Google chrome, Firefox also facilitates its users with the extension of facebook Smileys. Just add the extension Facebook chat Tapuz, after which facebook Smileys can be added during chatting and commenting on Facebook.


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